Welcome to Vertical Pursuit

Imagine not living a life of shame, failure, bondage, charades or insignificance.
Instead, we can live a life of power and purpose that will impact our identities, communities, marriages, churches, families, friendships, jobs and cultures. Vertical Pursuit is about helping others unlock their God given potential and move from the ordinary to the extraordinary!

Vertical Pursuit is the merging of two dynamics. Vertical is about extending your reach and creating elevation upward. The vantage point from a higher elevation gives a thrilling perspective of life that is essential to seeing the bigger picture. Pursuit is about the chase and the tenacity to reach a desired end.

Our goal at Vertical Pursuit is to inspire and equip you to gain the elevation between where you are and where God destined you to be. We want to inspire you to create the space to live your best life every day. We want to support you by providing the tools to help you achieve this.

The Tension

We all know life is crazy, hectic and overwhelming.
In the midst of the chaos, it’s easy to lose purpose, get distracted, and settle for the status quo. Often times in this fast paced rhythm, we end up being pulled in so many directions; we don't end up where we desire to be, or where God has destined us to be. We end up in survival mode instead of thrive mode. The daily tension between survive and thrive can be frustrating, but can also make the difference between living an ordinary life and living an extraordinary life. Life is full of terrain that we must traverse and navigate through. God promises to enter into our journey with us and lead us through it. He is not a God that sits in Heaven leaving us to our hopeless wanderings. Rather, He is a God that is relentlessly pursuing us with the goal of carrying us to His heights.

Vertical Pursuit is about living a life in response, while we are also relentlessly pursuing God and the life He has for us today. Our relentless pursuit is a question of desire to remain true to this faith adventure regardless of life’s obstacles.

The Vision

Vertical Pursuit exists to be a catalyst for others to discover their potential as they pursue God and others.
we envision a community where others are invited, invested and inspired to achieve the height of their growth, potential and destiny in life and leadership. Through personal development, mentoring and equipping, we see a movement of people who will transform the world.

Who is Vertical Pursuit for?

Vertical Pursuit is for anyone who's curious and wants to grow spiritually.
The content is designed to encourage conversations and explore life, spirituality and the foundations of the Christian faith in a friendly, open and relational environment.

How does it work?

Vertical Pursuit is designed as a resource to equip and empower a spiritual growth experience called discipleship. Discipleship is a Bible word for relationally mentoring one another. Jesus once looked at His disciples and said, “I call you my friends”. Jesus defined discipleship in the context of friendship. This is why we explain discipleship as “Friendship on Purpose”. Our desire is that Vertical Pursuit will give you the confidence and resources you need to step out in faith and begin your discipling experience.

Vertical Pursuit is not just an informational journey, but a relational journey. Vertical Pursuit is a discipling experience that can be done through either one-on-one or group encounters. Ideally, you will either lead another person through this material or be guided through it by someone further along in their spiritual walk. The goal is that once you’ve walked through the material, you can turn around and guide someone else through it. In fact, you are encouraged to guide others even as you are learning. Don’t wait until you have completed the materials before teaching others what you are learning.

This content includes videos and other resources. You can either download the book to read it all at once, or watch/read/listen to each of the sessions on their own. Throughout this process, take the time to reflect on the questions, set goals and journal your thoughts. Vertical Pursuit will help you ask the deeper questions about yourself and how you engage with the people and world around you. Take your time to walk through each section. Pause on each question to reflect, yet don’t rush your answers.

We focus on three key elements called “Core”, "Thrive" and “Advance”.

Who are you? This is not just what you do or what you have accomplished, but who are you as a person beneath all the trappings and titles. What do you see when you look at your very core? Who is that inner person walking around in your body, doing your job, and managing your life? How would you describe your true self? Core is about the very center of who we are. A strong Core means transformation from the inside out, not the outside in.

Thriving is about values and rhythms that are intentional and lead to recharging. Values are beliefs or convictions that govern our purpose and vision. My values shape who I am. They provide guidance, direction, meaning, and purpose in life. Our values shape our influence, our behavior, and our choices. Thriving is also about discovering rhythms of rest and recharging in order to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Advance is about playing a key part to expand and release the message and mission of Jesus. Advance is about living a life of impact and meaning with no regrets. It is about broken, limited people discovering their divine calling and purpose in life. It is about helping to change lives while our own lives are changed in the process. It's about leveraging our time, talents, and treasures to leave behind a positive legacy. Advance is about looking back on your life without regrets and wishing you did more to leave this world a better place.

“Risk All To Be All”

You are now ready to start your Vertical Pursuit journey and dive in to the Book and begin your discipleship experience!